Top 5 WWE Hell In A Cell Betting Upsets

avatar Written By Graeme on October 19, 2020  

(Seth vs The Fiend wasn’t a betting upset – but goddamn that red light was upsetting!)

WWE Hell in a Cell is a PPV that has ran annual for WWE since 2009, on the back of the popular and infamous Hell In A Cell gimmick match.

Although the annual PPV began in 2009, betting odds for it only started popping up in 2013. This years Hell in a Cell takes place this weekend and you can see my Hell in a Cell 2020 Bets & Tips here.

This article will list every single betting upset that has ever happened in the history of the Hell in a Cell PPV, since sportsbooks started offering odds for it.

Interestingly, Hell in a Cell is a rare PPV historically where underdogs rarely win or if they do it is at very small odds.

All betting odds are listed in American format. +200 means if you bet $100, you will get a profit of $300. Odds are taken at that sweet spot a couple of days prior to each show – when the initial betting money has come in, but before the smart/insider money has.

First here is a list of the smaller underdog wins – which are all +200 and below:

  • +105 Odds: Cesaru/Sheamus defeating New Day (2016)
  • +105 Odds: The Usos defeating New Day (2017)
  • +108 Odds: Seth Rollins defeating Cesaro (2021)
  • +120 Odds: Sheamus defeating The Miz (2014)
  • +125 Odds: Natalya defeating Lacey Evans (2019)
  • +130 Odds: Becky Lynch defeating Charlotte (2018)
  • +130 Odds: Kevin Owens defeats Ezekiel (2022)
  • +140 Odds: The Miz defeating Otis (2020)
  • +148 Odds: Bobby Lashley defeats Omos & MVP (2022)
  • +180 Odds: The New Day defeating The Dudley Boyz (2015)
  • +190 Odds: Charlotte defeating Rhea Ripley (2021)
  • +200 Odds: Randy Orton defeating Drew McIntyre (2020)
  • +200 Odds: Sami Zayn defeating Kevin Owens (2021)

If you’re looking for betting upsets for the upcoming show – tag teams certainly seem to be the way to go.

Now let’s look at the Top 5 Betting Upsets in Hell In A Cell History:

#5: +230 Becky Lynch Defeating Sasha Banks (2019)

Everyone expected Sasha to win the RAW Women’s Championship here. The biggest reason for that is because it’s the RAW Women’s Championship and Becky was expected to move to Smackdown in the draft.

That was pretty much the reason Becky was the upset here – everyone had decided that Becky was going to Smackdown and bet accordingly. They were wrong. To be fair – Becky was in a lot of the promotional advertising for Smackdown on Fox so it did seem likely. Using “real world” information like that is usually the smart move when it comes to betting on wrestling.

Not in this case.

#4: +240 Charlotte Defeating Sasha Banks (2016)

Ouch two in a row for Sasha. Fun fact – those are the only two Hell in a Cell shows she has wrestled at as well so far. So betting against Sasha at the upcoming match may be worth it.

This was the first actual Hell in a Cell match for the women. Sasha had just won the belt a few weeks prior on WWE RAW and it seemed ludicrous that they would take the belt off her at this point as she had real momentum. So of course they did giving her a title reign of a whopping 27 days.

#3: +250 Randy Orton defeating Daniel Bryan (2013)

A survey was held prior to this one on who the guest referee would be – Shawn Michaels won that poll. So this upset can be blamed on the – ugh – WWE Universe, as Shawn Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music on Bryan so Orton could get the upset pin.

Honestly the biggest upset here was the fact that Randy Orton was even the betting underdog. Many fans expected Orton to take it and I even called it in my betting tips for Hell in a Cell 2013 when I wrote:

Shawn Michaels may have trained him, but he’s Triple H’s best friend and he’ll do what his buddy says. That means helping Randy Orton win. People will be mad and it will suck, but I think that is what WWE will do. Sadly. Hate bet Randy Orton thanks to shenanigans.

That was one where I just had to put the Bryan fanboyism to the side, and accept that WWE would do what they do.

#2: +305 Miz/Maryse defeating Bryan/Brie (2018)

There are two rules in wrestling betting: Bet on Charlotte and bet on The Miz. The Miz and his wife pulled off the big upset here at +305 odds. The Miz had just beaten Bryan at Summerslam and with this one expected to be the blow off to the feud, many expected Bryan and Brie to come out on top here.

Miz and Maryse had got the better of Bryan and Brie leading up to this – and they were able to keep that going with the big upset win with Maryse pinning Brie.

#1: +400 Seth Rollins defeating Dean Ambrose (2014)

Dean Ambrose was the strong favourite in this one. Seriously google “Hell in a Cell 2014 predictions” and you will see it was 99% Ambrose. Ambrose had lost the match at Summerslam leading into this and Rollins had also curb stomped the hell out of him through cinder blocks.

Rollins also had the MITB briefcase at the time so it seemed like a home run win for Ambrose. WWE had other ideas with a Bray Wyatt ghostly specter distracting Ambrose who got attacked by Wyatt, and it led to Seth Rollins getting the victory.

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