Top WWE Survivor Series Betting Upsets

avatar Written By Graeme on November 4, 2020  

In this article I will be covering every betting upset that has occured at WWE Survivor Series over the years.

Betting odds for WWE Survivor Series were first listed back in 2013 so that will cover all betting upsets from 2013 to present day.

Although there has been a decent amount of upsets at Survivor Series, there has never really been any insane upsets. All the wrestlers who have been +500 or above for example have always lost. However one betting upset does stand above the pack.

There was one even money win as well which was Charlotte Flair beating Alexa Bliss at the 2017 Survivor Series.

Before we get to the Top 5 Betting Upsets at Survivor Series, here are all the other underdog wins that didn’t make the cut:

  • +100 Odds: The Bloodline defeating Team Brawling Brutes (2022)
  • +110 Odds: Bray Wyatt defeating Dean Ambrose (2014)
  • +110 Odds: RAW Men defeating Smackdown men (2017)
  • +120 Odds: Baron Corbin defeating The Miz (2017)
  • +120 Odds: NXT More Wins than RAW or Smackdown Prop (2019)
  • +125 Odds: Shayna Baszler (technically the favourite) beat Bayley & Becky (2019)
  • +130 Odds: Seth Rollins defeating Shinsuke Nakamura (2018)
  • +134 Odds: Smackdown Men defeating RAW/NXT Men (2019)
  • +134 Odds: NXT Women defeating RAW & Smackdown Women (2019)
  • +140 Odds: RAW Women defeating Smackdown Women (2020)
  • +150 Odds: The Miz/Mizdow Winning 4 Way Tag Match (2014)

#10: +155 Team RAW Women defeating Team Smackdown Women (2018)

As you can tell from the above list – betting on what brand teams will win can be profitable. It can be really hard to figure out as you never know if WWE are going to tell a story with it such as the RAW clean sweep in 2018, or if they’re just doing matches for the sake of it.

What made 2018 even more confusing going into it was a complete upheaval of the card with the Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey match being canceled due to Beckys injury, and AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar being switched to Bryan vs Brock.

Most people felt WWE would use this as a platform to keep Asuka strong. However Nia Jax pinned her to win the match for RAW.

#9: +160 Team Belair defeated Team Bayley (2022)

This was easy money for me and a max unit play. I’ve no idea why Team Baily were favourites here. The only thing I can think of is people expected Damage CTRL to get the win due to them being a stable.

But this was the return of Becky Lynch after she had been injured and out most of the year. There was no way she was losing this one.

The sportsbooks got this one wrong and we took full advantage!

#8: +215 The Miz defeating Sami Zayn (2016)

2016 was the year for big upsets as Survivor Series hit Canada. The Miz was the Intercontinental Champion on Smackdown and faced off against RAW and Canadian superstar Sami Zayn. It’s a bit of a surprise The Miz was such an underdog considering he just won the title on Smackdown on the Tuesday prior.

Many believed Sami would win to take the title to RAW. In terms of fan interest in the following TV shows, it would have certainly worked out. However WWE thought differently and had Miz win to keep the title on Smackdown.

#7: +234 Team RAW Men defeat Team Smackdown Men (2021)

Going into Survivor Series, the RAW team had issues involving Kevin Owens. It was expected this would cost them the match. Owens even walked out right as the match started.

That didn’t seem to matter. The RAW team overcame the odds and won. It came down to Seth Rollins versus Jeff Hardy. The crowd was cheering Jeff wildly – so of course, WWE had Rollins go over to demoralize the crowd just that little bit more.

#5 – Tie: +250 Austin Theory defeating Seth & Bobby (2022)

This one was a bit of a surprise. It was a 3 way match for the US title. Seth Rollins had won it just 47 days prior against Lashley, and many expected Seth to retain. Especially with Austin Theory failing with his Money in the Bank cash-in and looking like there was going to be a long redemption storyline for him.

Well, he redeemed himself immediately, with a win over the -300 Seth Rollins and +1200 Bobby Lashley in quite the betting upset. It could be argued of course that Seth is such a great character he doesn’t need the belt while Theory does; but this is one bet that was a real upset.

#5 – Tie: +250 Brian Kendrick defeating Kalisto (2016)

If Kalisto won this match and the Cruiserweight Championshiop, then the division would move to Smackdown. That was one of those things where most people just assumed it was going to happen.

A lot of logic dictated that would actually happen due to 205 live being taped on Tuesdays along with Smackdown. Many felt Smackdown simply needed the Cruiserweight division more. However it was the 205 live theory that drove this one – look through any previews for the show and it’s all people talk about as they back up their Kalisto prediction.

That ended up not being the case as Brian Kendrick retained the title.

#4: +280 Goldberg defeating Brock Lesnar (2016)

I was at this event in Toronto and I remember the shock. Everyone expected Brock to beat Goldberg in the main event. We certainly didn’t expect Goldberg to win. We CERTAINLY didn’t expect him to win in just over a minute.

But that’s what happened. Goldberg speared him almost immediately, hit another spear, then the Jackhammer and shocked the world.

So what exactly happened? Well Goldberg initially signed for a one time appearance to face off against Brock Lesnar. This would allow Brock to get his win back from Wrestlemania XX. It would also allow Goldberg to complete his dream of “one more match” simply so his son could see him wrestle live.

Word is that a day or so prior to Survivor Series, they agreed on Goldberg coming back for a few more dates and so decided to extend this one. This was in part due to ratings that were dropping at an alarming rate suddenly turning around due to Goldberg. WWE made the deal for business sakes, and the sportsbooks probably had a field day with all the people betting “Brock the Lock”.

#3: Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Damien Priest (2021)

Going into the 2021 Survivor Series, Damien Priest was a heavy favourite. No surprise – he was the 2nd most protected member of the roster behind Roman Reigns.

He was also unbeaten in singles competition. His only recorded loss was a handicap match loss against John Morrison and The Miz back in April 2021.

So WWE decided to end this undefeated streak. On the pre-show. Via DQ.

Yep – that was a true betting upset courtesy of the incredible booking crew at World Wrestling Entertainment.

#2: +450 Roderick Strong defeating AJ Styles & Nakamura (2019)

Survivor Series 2019 was an intriguing show as it had NXT involved in the Brand Wars for the first time.

Many expected NXT to go over in some manner but this one surprised everyone. For the record, AJ Styles was the favourite at -118 while Shinsuke Nakamura was +120. Roderick Strong was considered an afterthought.

The general consensus was Roderick Strong would get over simply by working with these two and looking great and that was enough. However when you look at the big picture, WWE really wanted to help establish NXT with the new war against AEW. This was one big part of it as NXT won 4 of the 7 interbrand matches.

#1: +1000 The Miz Wins the Battle Royal (2020)

A couple of days before Survivor Series 2020 they announced a dual brand battle royal. Favourites for the event were Big E at +105 and Lars Sullivan at +134.

Of course if you have been reading this site for awhile, you know that “when in doubt, bet the Miz”. Or Charlotte. Either one. The Miz was at +1000 odds behind the likes of Daniel Bryan, Mustafa Ali and Dominik Mysterio. That didn’t matter as The Miz pulled off the biggest upset in Survivor Series history, winning the Battle Royal at +1000 odds.

Gotta love The Miz.

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