Top 5 WWE TLC Betting Upsets

avatar Written By Graeme on December 17, 2020  

Traditionally, WWE TLC takes place in the month of December, sandwiched between Survivor Series and Royal Rumble.

With it in between two of the big PPVs, and close to Wrestlemania which usually has some loose storylines planned for at this time, it means in terms of betting upsets it’s one of the least likely PPVs to have betting upsets.

There have still been a few betting upsets at WWE TLC but not too many and only a couple of big ones.

Before I get into a list of the WWE TLC Top 5 Betting Upsets, here is a list of all other betting upsets that just didn’t make the list:

  • +105 Odds: Bray Wyatt defeating Dean Ambrose (2018)
  • +108 Odds: Bobby Lashley defeating Rusev (2019)
  • +125 Odds: Randy Orton defeating John Cena (2013)
  • +145 Odds: CM Punk defeating The Shield (2013)
  • +150 Odds: Rey Mysterio defeating Randy Orton (2018)
  • +170 Odds: Big Show defeating Erick Rowan (2014)
  • +190 Odds: Randy Orton defeating The Fiend (2020)

#5: +200 Dean Ambrose defeating Kevin Owens (2015)

It was quite a surprise to see Dean Ambrose win here as he won the Intercontinental Title in the process. Owens had just won the title 3 months prior at Night of Champions and had been very solid in the role. Owens had been on a roll and had been protected for the most part going into this one.

Even the TV had Owens as an afterthought as Ambrose was more involved in a storyline involving Reigns and the Usos. WWE ripped the proverbial rocket off Owens back, and gave Ambrose the win. Owens would win it back again two months later.

#4: +215 Asuka defeating Charlotte & Becky (2018)

2018 was a PPV that had a whopping four upsets. Asuka defeating Charlotte and Becky in a TLC match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship was one such upset.

Charlotte was the favourite at -110 and Becky was next at +190. Interestingly, if you look back at a lot of predictions many people were picking Asuka to win. I even bet maximum units on Asuka, with the theory that it would clear up Becky and Charlotte to be involved with Ronda with an angle at the Rumble, and leading into Wrestlemania.

This was one where the sportsbooks simply got it wrong.

#3: +375 Finn Balor defeating Drew McIntyre (2018)

Drew McIntyre came into this one in the middle of a monster push. Balor was a mess at this point push wise. If you look back at all the predictions from TLC 2018 you will not find anyone being able to justify the Finn upset. Practically everyone was on Drew.

Dolph Ziggler came out from the crowd though and distracted Drew, which allowed Finn to get the huge upset win.

#2: +400 Usos defeating Miz/Mizdow (2014)

One of the best things going in December 2014 was the tag team of the Miz and Mizdow. They were just fantastic at that time. It seemed crazy to take the titles off them considering they just won them at Survivor Series.

And the WWE didn’t! However the Usos, who were being booked as the John Cena of the tag division at the time, got the win by DQ. It’s an important lesson when it comes to betting; if there is a wrestler or wrestlers who are generally protected – especially if they are faces – there is a good chance a DQ win is on the cards.

The Miz hit Jimmy with a Slammy award which caused the DQ. And the hot tag team got to keep their belts…..

….for a week. Then they dropped them to the Usos.

#1: +450 Baron Corbin defeating Roman Reigns (2019)

I’m sure everyone remembers this feud. Of course Roman is one of the most protected wrestlers on the roster so it was not a surprise that he was the favourite.

The biggest shock in this one was Corbin winning after what happened on a previous Smackdown. Any thoughts of betting on Corbin had to fall by the wayside when Corbin would handcuff Reigns to the ring post, and then cover him in dog food.

It seemed like Roman would get his revenge here but in a big shock, Corbin was able to win thanks to interference from The Revival and Dolph Ziggler.

I guess getting covered in dog food doesn’t guarantee you will win your next match. Huh. Who knew?

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