WWE Saudi Arabia Betting Upsets

avatar Written By Graeme on October 17, 2021  

In this article, I am going to do a compilation of all of the WWE Saudi Arabia events that have taken place and list the betting upsets for the shows.

That will include Greatest Royal Rumble, Crown Jewel and Super ShowDown.

It’s been an interesting event which takes place in Saudi Arabia as it seeks to find its identity.

Initially it was set up more as a glorified house show but after the first couple of events, they started taking it seriously and booking it more like a major PPV.

I will feature any upsets above +200 odds. Here are upsets below +200:

  • +108 Odds: Brock Lesnar defeats Roman Reigns (2018, GRR)
  • +110 Odds: Zelina Vega defeats Doudrop (2021, Crown Jewel)
  • +120 Odds: Bray Wyatt defeats Seth Rollins (2019, Crown Jewel)
  • +134 Odds: Becky Lynch defeats Bianca & Sasha (2019, Crown Jewel) [1]
  • +175 Odds: Goldberg defeats Bray Wyatt (2020, Super Showdown)

[1] Becky was still the favourite in this one. Bianca was +200 and Sasha was +250.

Notes: Braun Strowman won the Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018 at +175 odds but he was favourite. Humberto Carrilo won the Battle Royal at Crown Jewel 2019 at +180 odds, but he was favourite.

#6: +250 Damage CTRL defeat Asuka & Alexa Bliss (Crown Jewel 2022)

I wasn’t really surprised by this one and bet a 1/2u on it.

On the RAW prior, Asuka & Alexa Bliss teamed up and won the tag titles. It just seemed to come out of nowhere.

Whenever something like that happens, you have to look for the reasoning behind it. I felt that this was done purely so they could do a title change at Crown Jewel. That appears to be the only reasoning for that one.

#5: +290 Brock Lesnar defeats Braun Strowman (Crown Jewel 2018)

This one was set up after Roman Reigns relinquished the Universal Title due to his leukemia. It was initially meant to be Roman vs Strowman vs Lesnar. They then made it into a singles match with Lesnar quite an underdog.

It was at a period where it looked inevitable that Strowman would be getting the title, Dave Meltzer even said in the Wrestling Observer:

Strowman pretty much has to win, unless McMahon offers Lesnar UFC PPV money to stay as a part-time big show only working champion.

Well, guess what happened? Brocks contract was expiring right after Crown Jewel. Vince panicked and gave Lesnar the money to stick around. With the contract details, it is no surprise that Strowman was the heavy favourite. But if you know anything about Vince – especially when it’s related to Brock – he panics and in hindsight, this was an obvious bet.

#4: +300 Shane McMahon defeats Roman Reigns (Super Showdown 2019)

Fresh off winning the World Cup at Crown Jewel 2018, Shane McMahon pulled off an upset the following year at Super Showdown.

Honestly for me? The biggest upset is that the odds for this one weren’t higher! This was a period where Roman was going over everyone and was one of the most protected guys on the roster.

I guess the only reason you could say they did it was to build heat for Roman vs Drew McIntyre. Drew interfered to help Shane win, and Drew and Roman faced off a few weeks later at Stomping Grounds where Roman won.

Either way, this was just a true and inexplicable upset.

#3: +325 Dolph Ziggler defeats Kurt Angle (Crown Jewel 2018)

This one took place in the World Cup. Many expected Kurt Angle to progress. He did not. He lost to Dolph who made it all the way to the finals before losing to Shane McMahon.

The general theory in retrospect was “who from RAW could be squashed by Shane McMahon and it wouldn’t really matter”. It was either Ziggler, Lashley, Rollins or Angle. The thing is Shane wasn’t even in the World Cup. He replaced an injured Miz. This is a good upset example of where there is no way you could see it, or know about it, beforehand.

#1 – Tie: +450 Gallows & Anderson Win Tag Team Turmoil (Crown Jewel 2019)

The O.C. were the 3rd favourites going into this one. The New Day were favourites at +125 followed by the Viking Raiders at +160.

The New Day were favourites due to being the biggest tag team and faces. The Viking Raiders were second-favourites as they were undefeated at the time. I personally thought New Day would run the gauntlet, then lose to the Raiders to help build them as a team.

The theory was that they gave The O.C. the win, over the Viking Raiders, so that they could feud with the Viking Raiders over the RAW Tag Team Titles. Which makes sense except that never really happened.

As seems to be par for the course for the Saudi Arabia events – just a pure upset with no true reasoning behind it.

#1 – Tie: +450 The Judgment Day defeat The O.C. (Crown Jewel 2022)

Well this was a big upset for some, but not for me. From my Crown Jewel Betting Tips:

I talked about it on the podcast and I can’t believe people are betting the other side, but I am going with a whopping 1u on the Judgment Day. They are getting over. They need the wins. Dom & Rhea both excellent. I think this is great value. The only possibility is someone shows up for the Judgment Day to lose but Anderson & Gallows can take a loss. It’s not like they are some hot new tag team. These are stupid odds and whoever is betting on the O.C. are wrong.

I think that pretty much says it all!

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