AEW Revolution 2023 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on March 4, 2023  

Sunday night, we have AEW Revolution

It is headlined by Bryan Danielson vs MJF in an iron man match. We’ve also got Hangman vs Mox, Ricky Starks vs Jericho and The Elite vs House of Black.

Looks to be another great card by AEW.

I was unfortunately not able to get a podcast up for the show. I just ran out of time this week. Had it on my to do list every day but couldn’t get to it. Thankfully I’ve hired a couple of new employees which should free up my time more, and I’ll be able to do a podcast for Wrestlemania.

Let’s get to the show. First – the odds:

AEW Revolution 2023 Betting Odds:

  • MJF (-5000) vs Bryan Danielson (+900)
  • “Hangman” Adam Page (-650) vs Jon Moxley (+375)
  • Wardlow (-1000) vs Samoa Joe (+500)
  • Ricky Starks (-300) vs Chris Jericho (+200)
  • Jamie Hayter (-1250) vs Ruby Soho (+500) vs Saraya (+500)
  • The Gunns (-500) vs The Acclaimed (+350) vs Jarrett/Lethal (+700) vs Orangehausen (+1200)
  • The Elite (-170) vs House of Black (+130)

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AEW Revolution 2023 Betting Tips:

Let’s go from the top. It does feel we should at least get one upset on this card.

I can’t see MJF losing. Just feels too early in his reign for that. Especially with my thoughts on what is next for the Blackpool Combat Club.

While they were involved in the biggest upset in AEW history at Full Gear, I can’t see the Elite losing. This feud has been primarily on Rampage and hasn’t been made a big deal really.

Interestingly – people are betting on House of Black, as their odds have dropped. The only thing I can think of is people believe there is something to the Kenny Omega to WWE rumours, and that they’ll drop the belts here.

Or perhaps because it is looking like an Elite vs BCC feud is a possibility, people think they won’t need the belts for that? I dunno. Not enough for me to back.

That makes Hangman vs Mox an interesting one. Everyone seems to think Hangman is 100% going to win. I do think he will, but I’m not as certain as others. I do feel like we’ll see him with The Elite against BCC.

Either way, I just don’t think there’s enough to bet on Mox here. I expect him to go heel after this – I mean he has been leaning that way lately – and so he can eat the loss prior to the turn, as is tradition in wrestling.

With Chris Jericho, you never really know. Starks SHOULD get the win and move on but man you never know if the feud is going to end or not. I don’t hate a bet on Jericho, but feels like needs to be higher than +200. I do worry that it’s JAS banned from ringside, and that someone else is going to interfere. And you know what? Thinking about the fact that Starks beat him once – I could totally see Jericho winning to set up a rubber match. As it IS Jericho, and his feuds DO go on forever. I hope I am wrong, but I’ll back 1/4u on Jericho at +200.

Jamie Hayter shouldn’t lose. Chances are Samoa Joe is off to ROH, so Wardlow wins there I expect. Then hopefully they restrap a rocket on him.

The only bet I am seeing on this card is 1/4u on The Acclaimed to win the titles. I like that AEW did a title change – but I don’t feel it is really hitting home. The Acclaimed are still over – but not as over as they were when they were champions it feels like.

So two bets both 1/4u. Jericho and The Acclaimed.

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