WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on February 17, 2023  

This Saturday night, we have the WWE Elimination Chamber.

I was unable to record a podcast due to time constraints. My new website, Book Notification, is taking up a lot of my time at the moment. Hopefully work will have died down in time for AEW Revolution. And of course, we do have many wrestlers on there such as Jon Moxley.

The main event of Elimination Chember is Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn. Roman continues to be a heavy favourite, but there’s quite a few people, including Dave Meltzer, who are leading the charge for a change in plans and a big upset.

Let’s look at the odds:

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Betting Odds:

  • Roman Reigns (-2000) vs Sami Zayn (+700)
  • Brock Lesnar (-200) vs Bobby Lashley (+140)
  • Edge & Beth Phoenix (-200) vs Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley (+150)
  • Asuka (-1250) vs Raquel Rodriguez (+400) vs Liv Morgan (+900) vs Nikki Cross (+1400) vs Carmella (+2000) vs Natalya (+2500)
  • Austin Theory (-350) vs Seth Rollins (+305) vs Bronson Reed (+700) vs Montez Ford (+800) vs Damian Priest (+1200) vs Johnny Gargano (+1600)

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Betting Tips:

Sami Zayn is worth a 1/4u bet. I do not believe he is going to win. I am convinced they are going to stick with Roman vs Cody. Even moreso after WWE RAW. That whole promo with Cody and Sami? That was a test in front of the Brooklyn crowd, to see if they would turn on Cody. They did not. He passed with flying colours.

If they were not going to put the title on Drew at Clash at the Castle, they won’t do it here. But man, at +700? Considering how over Sami is, and how much he has helped the ratings, business etc? Yeah it’s worth placing a small bet on it.

Roman is going to win but the high value on Sami I’m fine betting on it.

Asuka is unbettable at those odds. I can’t see who else out of them would take on Bianca at Mania.

Austin Theory is an interesting one. The rumour is he is going to fight Cena at Wrestlemania. If that is still on the cards then does Austin need the US Title there? If Rollins wasn’t planned to wrestle Logan Paul at Mania, I’d like him. But another match where he probably doesn’t need the title for it. Although I could see them building that around Logan challenging for the title.

The problem is more I don’t see any strong contender to take this title off Theory. I’m not convinced he wins like many are, but it’s hard to point to anyone else.

I think the booking pattern for Edge & Phoenix vs Finn & Rhea has to be Edge and Beth winning, then Finn bringing back The Demon at Wrestlemania. That seems to be the case anyway. Interesting seeing the odds drop as Finn & Rhea were +250 a few days ago.

I see a lot of people theorizing that Hurt Business reform and help Bobby get the win. I don’t think that’s the case. I think he’ll go with them and turn heel and thus will lose “on his way out” before he goes full heel.

So yeah unfortunately Sami is the only bet here.

However I will not be surprised if we see an upset or two, as we have seen 32.5% of matches as an upset at the Chamber.

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