WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Betting Tips

avatar Written By Graeme on January 25, 2019  

The WWE Royal Rumble is this Sunday and we couldn’t be more excited. This is always one of the biggest events of the year, arguably the second biggest of the year, and it always leads directly to the main event of Wrestlemania.

The winner of the Royal Rumble match is guaranteed a shot at whatever title they chose at WrestleMania while the WWE has been pretty solid on the winners of the title matches at Royal Rumble still being champs at WrestleMania. The addition of the Women’s Royal Rumble last year has really added a ton of intrigue to the event and it should be another good one.

WWE has also done a very good job of building up some title matches that you aren’t sure of the winner on. The odds reflect this in a couple of them and I think we could see a surprise. Let’s take a look at the complete card and odds for this event.

Royal Rumble Betting Odds:

  • Men’s Royal Rumble: Seth Rollins (-110) vs Field (-130) (Complete odds below)
  • Women’s Royal Rumble: Charlotte Flair (-170) vs Field (+130) (Complete odds below)
  • Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (-280) vs Finn Balor (+200)
  • WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (-290) vs AJ Styles (+210)
  • Smackdown Women’s Championship: Asuka (-180) vs Becky Lynch (+145)
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey (-1500) vs Sasha Banks (+700)
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Miz & Shane McMahon (-230) vs The Bar (+170)
  • United States Championship: Rusev (-320) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (+240)
  • Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy (-150) vs Kalisto (+400) vs Hideo Itami (+450) vs Akira Tozawa (+500)

All odds are taken from http://www.5Dimes.com.

Men’s Royal Rumble Winner Odds:

  • Seth Rollins (-110)
  • Drew McIntyre (+400)
  • Braun Strowman (+265)
  • John Cena (+900)
  • Kevin Owens (+3500)
  • The Miz (+3000)
  • The Rock (+2000)
  • Bobby Lashley (+6000)
  • Brock Lesnar (+6000)
  • Kenny Omega (+2500)
  • Lars Sullivan (+9000)
  • Rey Mysterio (+7500)
  • The Undertaker (+7500)
  • AJ Styles (+4000)
  • Daniel Bryan (+6000)
  • Dean Ambrose (+5000)
  • Finn Balor (+3000)
  • Matt Riddle (+15000)
  • Randy Orton (+8000)
  • Aleister Black (+15000)
  • Andrade “Cien” Almas (+3500)
  • Batista (+5000)
  • Elias (+6000)
  • Kazuchika Okada (+4000)
  • Kurt Angle (+8000)
  • Mustafa Ali (+6000)
  • Samoa Joe (+6000)
  • Apollo Crews (+4500)
  • Bray Wyatt (+4000)
  • CM Punk (+9000)
  • EC3 (+9000)
  • Hulk Hogan (+4500)
  • Ricochet (+4500)
  • Sami Zayn (+4500)
  • Baron Corbin (+15000)
  • Big E (+9000)
  • Conor McGregor (+9000)
  • Jeff Hardy (+15000)
  • Johnny Gargano (+9000)
  • R-Truth (+15000)
  • Shane McMahon (+15000)
  • Vince McMahon (+15000)
  • Bill Goldberg (+12500)
  • Dolph Ziggler (+6000)
  • Rusev (+9000)
  • Shawn Michaels (+8000)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (+9000)
  • Tommaso Ciampa (+9000)
  • Triple H (+9000)
  • Velveteen Dream (+9000)
  • Adam Cole (+15000)
  • Big Show (+15000)
  • Chris Jericho (+9000)
  • Donald Trump (+100000)

Complete Women’s Royal Rumble Odds:

  • Charlotte Flair (-170)
  • Becky Lynch (+120)
  • Alexa Bliss (+1500)
  • Ember Moon (+2000)
  • Ronda Rousey (+2500)
  • Shayna Baszler (+1600)
  • Mandy Rose (+2500)
  • Bayley (+4000)
  • Naomi (+4000)
  • Sasha Banks (+5000)
  • Carmella (+7000)
  • Trish Stratus (+7000)
  • Natalya (+8000)
  • Nia Jax (+8000)
  • Sonya Deville (+8000)
  • Alicia Fox (+10000)
  • Asuka (+10000)
  • Bianca Belair (+10000)
  • Billie Kay (+10000)

Where To Bet The 2019 WWE Royal Rumble

These sportsbooks accept Americans. Note many won't have odds up until 3-4 days before each PPV.

Rank: Sportsbook: How: Bonus:
1 5Dimes "Wrestling" category under "Other Sports". Best odds, up to $520 free.
2 Bovada Click "All Sports" in sidebar then "Wrestling". $250 Free.

We recommend 5Dimes the most due to better odds, and they cover all WWE events. (Bovada usually only have Mania, Rumble although you can click and see)

Royal Rumble Betting Tips & Analysis:

Men’s Royal Rumble:: The favorite here is Seth Rollins and as we’ve seen in the past, Royal Rumble betting favorites do very well in this match. They have won the Men’s Rumble match for the past SX YEARS (!).

You have to think unless there is a major surprise like CM Punk coming back (100% chance this isn’t happening and folks shouldn’t get their hopes up for it), he makes the most sense right now. There is no clear match for Daniel Bryan/AJ Styles being built and who better to finally (FINALLY) defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania than the Kingslayer? Honestly, 1u on Seth Rollins at -110 is great odds. I might even go higher if I can get them.

Women’s Royal Rumble:: This one is so very interesting. The main event of WrestleMania should be Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey. It’s the match that has been building since November and the match that the fans want. The thing is, both are in title matches and aren’t in this match. Charlotte is the favorite here and we know how favorites do in this match, but Becky Lynch is sitting right there at +120.

Her or Rousey losing their match on this show and then getting into this match somehow makes a lot of sense, but it’s hard to bet on an unknown like that. Charlotte is a fine play here. This one depends a lot on what happens in the title matches, but I just can’t go against The Man. Even if it doesn’t make a ton of sense here. 1/4u on Becky Lynch

Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (-280) vs Finn Balor (+200): Brock seems like the sure winner here and heading into WrestleMania as the champion for a main event against the Royal Rumble winner, but…

There were some rumors that Brock’s last WWE contract only went until the Royal Rumble. His return to the octagon feels inevitable and he’s been in the testing pool for the USADA for the minimum amount of time to return to UFC. He just needs to pay his fine. Then again, it’s hard to see WWE letting him leave before their biggest event and it’s hard to see Lesnar leading for what could be his biggest payday.

The story told on television has been of Balor being the ultimate underdog, a true David vs. Goliath story, and it would be weird for that story to end with a win by Goliath. This would be the ultimate upset and I feel like it’s worth a 1/4 unit. 1/4u on Finn Balor

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (-290) vs AJ Styles (+210): It’s hard to see Daniel Bryan losing here as he is just redhot in his role as the angry vegan champion right now. AJ Styles held this title for over a year and it’s time to let someone else shine. This could be the match of the night though.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Asuka (-180) vs Becky Lynch (+145): This isn’t getting any easier. Becky Lynch should be winning this match. She is the hottest act in the company and her getting the title makes a lot of sense. The only way she doesn’t is with some outside shenanigans from Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey, or someone else. These odds are just scary enough to stay away.

Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey (-1500) vs Sasha Banks (+700): This is the other women’s title match and I just can’t build a proper case for Sasha Banks. Ronda Rousey has not lost a singles match in WWE since coming in and it’s hard to see it coming here. It would mean so much more coming at WrestleMania and that feels like the story. The only way I can see that being different is if Becky wins and then her or Charlotte somehow costs Ronda. That would be the bigger swerve, but maybe not a great way to end Ronda’s unbeaten streak.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Miz & Shane McMahon (-230) vs The Bar (+170): You don’t have to be a wrestling insider to know that the point of this Miz/Shane thing is for them to break up and fight each other one day. How long will the good times last? Not very long if I had to guess. A small bet on The Bar here. 1/4u on The Bar

United States Championship: Rusev (-320) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (+240): This will be on the pre-show and the pre-show typically means that you are hyping up the crowd and giving them what they want. People want Rusev Day.

Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy (-150) vs Kalisto (+400) vs Hideo Itami (+450) vs Akira Tozawa (+500): Buddy Murphy has been a solid champion for 205 Live and it’s hard to see that changing here. These are all great wrestlers, but none of them seem to have the momentum behind them to unseat Murphy. 1/2u on Buddy Murphy

Royal Rumble Betting Picks:

  1. 1u on Seth Rollins to win the Royal Rumble -110
  2. 1/4u on Becky Lynch to win the Royal Rumble +120
  3. 1/4u on Finn Balor +200
  4. 1/4u on The Bar +170
  5. 1/2u on Buddy Murphy

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